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Breakaway Wax Melts
Breakaway Wax Melts

Breakaway Wax Melts

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  • Our highly fragranced Soy Wax Melts are a great way to enjoy your favorite fragrances without the flame! Unlike candles, they contain no wick and are not burned, just warmed.
  • Our brick is larger than most others having 6 wax cubes that are 1 oz each
  • Approximate fragrance time: 12 hrs per cube
  • Made in the USA


-Blooming Jasmine: Intoxicating fresh blooms of jasmine with notes of rose and ylang sure to make your senses dance.

-Clothesline Breeze: Snuggled up in the fresh aroma of clean sheets clipped on a clothesline on a breezy day.

-Vanilla Lavender: A well-balanced blend of herbal lavender and warm vanilla.